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Favorite Tools (2022)

One thing I learned from my dad at an early age is that it's important to have the right tool for the job. You can spend a lot of time trying to get a job done with the wrong tool, or you can get the job done efficiently with the right tool. This does not mean that the right tool is expensive or hard to find. It just means that it is important to consider your tools before you start a project. I use the term "tool" loosely. In this post, it is something that I keep reaching for to help me get a job done.

Below are the top tools I used to help me accomplish daily tasks on the farm. For most of these tools, I have tried different options. The tool is on this list because it has stood the test of time and helped me to accomplish what I set out to do. Nothing is sponsored. If there is a link, it is to make it easy for you to find.


Yes, these pencils made the list because they make me want to keep notes everyday about what is happening on the farm. They are easy to grip and easy to write with. I use a pencil to take notes because it doesn't run if it gets wet. These attach to my planner or notebook and erase well.

Garden marker

I quickly learned that not all markers are created equal. If you want to be able to read what you wrote on a garden stake or label at the end of the season, you need a garden marker. The ink doesn't get bleached by the sun or wiped away by rain. I write on everything with these markers: tubers, labels, flagging tape, boxes, garden stakes, etc.

Tool belt

There are times that I say to myself, "I'll just run over to the farm real quick and get one thing done. I don't need anything." Inevitably, I am always wrong as I need snips, scissors, a marker, or tape. My tool belt holds all of that and more. It keeps all of my most-used tools handy and within reach. I try to remind myself to always put on the tool belt when I head over to the farm, just in case.

Weed eater

Because my farm is tiny I weed eat the living pathways between flower beds. This weed eater is battery powered; and the length is adjustable, which is a must for my short height. Even though it's a pain to keep the grass short in the summer, this weed eater helps. It even comes with a mowing deck so I can mow in between rows to keep the grass clippings from flying.


This sprayer uses the same battery pack as the weed eater and is amazing. Going from a hand-pumped sprayer to a battery-powered sprayer is life changing. It made the task of fertilizing plants with fermented weed tea so much more enjoyable.


I have gotten a lot of life out of these snips. I have two pairs, one that stays in my tool belt and another that wanders around to different projects. These guys are so helpful for harvesting flowers, working with dried flowers, and so many other tasks.


My notebook has ideas, notes, farm maps, lists, and more. It houses the brains behind this operation and is invaluable.

Gorilla cart

A new addition to the farm this fall after a wheelbarrow fell apart, we love using this cart. It has four wheels, which makes it easy to pull a load of compost or wood chips. It easily dumps out whatever it holds, and can take a beating. Most of the flower beds on the farm are behind fencing, which means that I can't utilize a tractor. This heavy duty cart has come to the rescue many times over the past few months.

Collinear Hoe

Weeding, hoeing, creating rows for planting, and more, this hoe has been so helpful on the farm. It has a sharp point and long handle, making it easy to care for flowers without bending over. Any tool that helps me accomplish a job upright is a good tool.

Cafeteria Trays

Yes, cafeteria trays. A good portion of my year is spent starting seeds. These cafeteria trays from Ikea have been great for starting seeds using a hand held soil blocker.

Row Cover Hand Pegs

These hand pegs are a game changer for our row cover this year. The wind whips through our little valley. Last year, we struggled to keep the row cover in place with sand bags, rocks, bricks, clamps, and rope. These pegs keep everything cinched down and tight, even through a windy night.

What are your must-have tools?

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