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Your Favorites (2023)

As I look back on the year, it is helpful to look over the analytics and see what you all liked. What piqued your interest? What did you find helpful? What did you buy more of this year from Sourwood Creek Farm? What posts did you spend your time reading or watching? What flowers did you spend your money on?

A bouquet of yellow and red rudbeckia, orange dahlias and marigolds, hydrangea, white dahlias, and burgundy Mahogancy Splendor


The best seller of the year was our single seasonal mixed bouquet. You all bought this bouquet of flowers for friends, neighbors, family members, or for yourself. This bouquet, made up of flowers that are in season, is a great gift for anyone in your life. We will have it back in stock when we have flowers. In the meantime, we have gift certificates on our website, if you want to gift someone a mixed bouquet for the future.

A bucket of white, pink, and yellow heirloom narcissus

The favorite subscription in 2023 was the Spring Flower Subscription with good reason. Packed to the brim with spring beauties such as fragrant narcissus, graceful tulips, elegant ranunculus, and whimsical anemones, these bouquets get the first field flowers of the year into your hands. The Fall Dahlia Subscription was a close runner up with the gorgeous variety of dahlia blooms.

Finally, our Dried Flower Wreath Kits were a hit this fall. A great kit for crafty friends, this box is packed with beautiful dried flowers and all the supplies needed to make a beautiful wreath of dried flowers. We love having everything needed to be able to make a unique wreath in one box.

Blog Posts

This year, I published one blog post a week. My main goal for the year was to highlight the many beautiful flowers growing on our farm and to be able to have a resource for you in regards to how to grow these flowers. Let's count down the top three blog posts for 2023 from third place to first.

A ceramic jug with blue detail filled with pink cosmos

Third Place: Cosmos are a beautiful and easy flower. No wonder you all loved reading about them. Summer Flowers: Cosmos was a hit blog post this year. A great flower to grow for beginners, this blog posts is full of great information for growing and harvesting cosmos.

Second Place: You all were also interested in how to start seeds yourselves. The blog post on starting seeds indoors piqued your interest and helped you figure out how to get seeds going in your own homes last winter. Published last January, it continues strong as a reference guide.

A handful of cornel bronze dahlias

First place: The top post of the year from just a few weeks ago is Favorite Dahlias (2023). I get it: these flowers are gorgeous. I just can't get enough. That's why they made it into my list of favorite flowers for 2023. Obviously, you all think so, too. It rose to the top of the list quickly and has remained there these past few weeks.

Instagram posts

In 2023, my goal was to post a reel or regular post on Instagram three times a week. In many ways, IG documented my year in flowers. You all saw what was growing and in season, you saw the weekly bouquets, and you saw the results of arrangements and events that I got to work on. These nine pictures had the greatest engagement for my account on Instagram this year.

Instagram Reels

Instead of looking at engagement like the posts above, with the reels, I am looking at reach. These reels had the greatest reach this year. The top reel was from a few weeks ago, but the others were all from the first three months of 2023.

Some of the most popular posts featured me working, whether starting seeds or working outside. People like seeing the process and the work involved in flower farming, a behind the scenes look. Thanks for being a part of this year of flowers.

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