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Favorite Dahlias (2022 Edition)

It is no secret that I love growing dahlias. I love their colors and forms. I even like the process of caring for them and the possibilities of growing them from seed.

In that vein, as I'm in the midst of digging and dividing tubers, I thought I would share my top ten dahlias for this year. Each year is different, and I look forward to amending this list next year.

These flowers made the top ten list because of their color, shape, stem length, and abundance of blooms. I have not stored the tubers of all of these dahlias over winter, but many of them make great tubers that store well.

Rip City

I am loving the darker colors this year. Rip City was a standout for its rich, velvety color, long stems, and prolific blooms. This color added depth to arrangements; and the size was perfect, not overwhelming but enough to add an accent to bouquets.

Golden Scepter

Golden Scepter was a wonderful bloomer. I appreciated the smaller bloom size and how well this color incorporated into arrangements and bouquets. It grew upright and dried well.

Jowey Nicky

Look at that color! Coral-colored flowers have my heart. I added Jowey Nicky to the farm this year and love the stem length, the size of the flowers, and the beautiful color.

White Nettie

Thanks to @batcaveworkshop for this great dahlia. I grew White Nettie last year and have been impressed with how many beautiful blooms it pumps out, how great the tubers store, and how well the tubers do in the spring. This is a great all-around white dahlia that goes with anything. The small ball works well in bouquets and arrangements. I even tucked them in boutonnieres.

Sun Spot

I love the apricot coloring of this ball variety. This is another bloom that works in most arrangements and bouquets. It has long stems, pumps out the blooms, and lasts in the vase. It's tubers store well. This is a must-grow for me.

Silver Years

Silver Years has a silvery lavender coloring with a subtle striping that looked elegant in bouquets and arrangements. This color was a chameleon that adapted to any arrangement in which it was placed.

Cafe Au Lait

So beautiful, creamy, and elegant, this dahlia is the Queen for a reason. She doesn't have the longest vase life compared to a ball, but she is gorgeous and will always have a place in my flower beds.

Kogane Fubuki

Kogane Fubuki is a unique flower that blooms prolifically. Customers loved her color and texture. Tubers store well. She worked in every arrangement.

Jowey Chantal

This fall, orange and coral colors were in high demand. Jowey Chantal's colors hit all the right notes and helped meet that demand. Long stems and good vase life helped.

Jessie G

I end where I started with a deep red color that I am loving. I am looking forward to adding more reds next year, but Jessie G helped tide me over with her beautiful color and great size. She dried well and lasted in bouquets and arrangements.

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