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2023 in review

2023 was a big year for this little farm. There were lots of flowers and lots of firsts. Below is the year 2023 in review.

A bouquet of white and yellow narcissus with pink and red tulips

  • Harvested thousands of tulip, narcissus, anemone, and ranunculus stems for our Spring Flower Subscription.

  • Documented 35 different flowers and foliage on the blog this year by season with 52 posts total.

  • Wedding flowers (a first)! Photo by @helenjoygeorge

A bouquet of orange, yellow, blue, white and green flowers and foliage

  • Many different orders for arrangements (also a first)

  • 32 weeks of bouquets (subscriptions & individual bouquet orders)

  • 156 Instagram posts and reels of beautiful flowers

An arrangement of pink, purple, peach, and yellow flowers and green foliage

  • 152 of dahlia tubers planted and thousands of stems harvested

  • Many buckets of flowers to florists and customers

A bucket of yellow and orange, pink and purple flowers

A bouquet of dried yellow, orange, white, pink, and dark purple flowers with blue eucalyptus

  • Dried Flower Workshop

  • Dried Flower Wreath and Bracelet Kits compiled and sold (a first)

  • 3 huge custom Christmas wreaths for a local brewery

  • I took The Tulip Workshop and learned how to grow tulips in the winter. Started tulips in late November for blooms in 2024 (a first).

A black crate with tulip bulbs sprouting small green tips

I have learned that it is important to be able to pivot in multiple areas of farming. We moved from starting every single seed to using some plugs this year. With dried flowers, we moved from a workshop model to an individual package model to be able to offer them to a larger customer base. We want to be able to offer the earliest locally grown flowers of the year to our community with tulips in 2024.

Some things didn't change, though. We continue to grow our flowers through regenerative and organically managed techniques. We continue to offer bouquets as our main product, taking pride in the unique combination of flowers we grow and offer in our mixed seasonal bouquets. We continue to look for ways to get these beautiful flowers into our community. We continue to hold that flowers bring joy.

Thanks for being a part of the journey of this small but mighty flower farm.

My two favorite bouquets of the year:

Laura holding a bouquet of yellow, white, red, pink, and coral flowers in the woods

Photo by @helenjoygeorge

A bouquet of blush, pink, white, orange, and red flowers with dark red foliage in front of a wooden barn wall

Happy 2023! I'm looking forward to 2024.


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