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Favorite Places to Order Seeds, Tubers, Supplies, and more (2023)

A handful of pink, red, yellow, and green zinnias

There are a lot of moving parts to a flower farm. I am always thinking ahead to the following year and planning for the future. Part of that means placing orders ahead of time, making sure I have the right tools, and sourcing what I need. Below is a list of my favorite places for all the seeds, tubers, and supplies I may need. Nothing is sponsored.



A handful of Peggy's Peach dahlias

Farming Supplies/Tools:

Local hardware store


Ball Wholesale


A handful of pink garden phlox


Local nursery

Bouquet supplies:

Amazon (rubber bands)

A bucket of yellow, pink, and purple flowers and foliage

Harvesting Supplies:

Local grocery store bakery (buckets)

Printed materials:

I do save seed for select plants, such as breadseed poppies and orlaya. Many of my flowers, I let go to seed to sprout on their own in the spring. I divide tubers and saved my ranunculus and anemone corms this year. Make friends with other farmers who may be willing to trade you for seeds or tubers. There is so much you can add to your farm for free.

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