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Favorite Places to Order Seeds, Bulbs, & Supplies (2022)

We are upon that time of year when flower farmers pour over catalogs and dream out what their farm will be growing in the spring. Even home gardeners get excited seeing all the possibilities for their yards and gardens.

I wanted to share where I order my seeds and supplies in case it is helpful to you as you dream about spring and try to plan accordingly.

First, when possible, I try to buy seeds from reputable suppliers that are family businesses or small businesses. I encourage you to support local businesses when you can. Check out local nurseries and farms that may sell seeds, starts, plants, or supplies.

My farm is so small that it doesn't make sense for me to purchase seeds in bulk. In trying to simplify the farm, the goal is to use as much fresh seed as possible the year it is purchased. This means that I am trying to buy only what I need to plant. I have had good experiences with the following companies:

Large farms will purchase seeds in bulk at wholesale prices. If this description fits you, you will be looking for companies like GeoSeed, a family-operated business in South Carolina.

I have purchased plugs from Farmer Bailey with great success.

You may also be looking for fall or spring-planted bulbs, roots, and tubers. Below are my go-to sources for those.

Eden Brothers (roots, bulbs)

Triple Wren Farms (dahlia tubers)

For supplies, I shop from Johnny's Seed and Gardener's Workshop. I try to buy in town at our local feed store, if they have what I need. We also keep an eye out for tools as we make the yard sale rounds on Saturday mornings throughout the year.

Finally, keep an eye out in your community, on FB marketplace and IG as individuals may be cleaning out beds or dividing plants and looking to get rid of what they have growing. We have hydrangeas, irises, lupine, yarrow, baptisia, roses, hellebore, and peonies from friends, neighbors, and family who were dividing, digging, or cleaning out. This year, I gave away seedlings when I had grown too many for the space I had available. Don't be shy. Ask around.

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