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Favorite Flowers (2023)

Flowers have always held so much joy for me with their color, texture, and vibrancy. Each flower is unique and beautiful, full of life. I find that each different kind of flower holds a memory for me, whether from my childhood, my wedding, or a gift from my husband or children. Flowers have woven themselves into the fabric of my life, and remind me to be thankful for each day.

With that in mind, I am picking out my ten favorite flowers of the year. These flowers were beautiful, provided value in bouquets, were worth the investment in time and energy, and made me happy. I hope that this list inspires you to plant some of these flowers in your yard or garden.

An armful of pink, red, yellow, and orange tulips being held by a woman in a yellow shirt and gray pants in front of a weathered wood wall

A handful of pink, yellow, red, and white snapdragons in front of a green field and woods

A handful of dark red dahlias with a bucket full of dahlias and blooming dahlia plants in the background

A flat lay of yellow, orange, pink, and white sunflowers

A handful of pink, purple, and white yarrow in front of a green field and woods

A handful of white, yellow, pink, and orange ranunculus in front of a weathered wood wall

A bucket full of white, yellow, and light pink narcissus

A handful of red rudbeckia

A handful of white phlox panniculata

A bed of orange and yellow marigolds

Is there anything you would add? Did you see how my list changed from last year?

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