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Favorite Dahlias (2023)

I cannot believe that we have arrived at this point in the year. It's time to start looking back and reflecting on favorites for the year. So many beautiful flowers bloomed this year at Sourwood Creek Farm. So many bouquets were made and distributed. I got to experience many new adventures with flowers this year. With all the amazing flowers and experiences, the dahlias are always a highlight.

As always, it is hard to narrow it down. As such, the ten dahlias selected are in no particular order. There are a variety of colors and sizes. The dahlias selected did well in storage as tubers, held their own in bouquets and arrangements, and were the most used this year.

What were your favorite dahlias this year?

Peggy's Peach

Cornel Bronze


Lights Out

Bloomquist Sue

Silver Years

Rip City (the darker dahlia)

Petra's Wedding

Rock Run Ashley

Cafe Au Lait

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