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Summer Foliage: Mahogany Splendor

Last week, I shared my love of herbs as foliage. Second to herbs, hibiscus Mahogany Splendor is my favorite late summer foliage. The rich mahogany leaves really get going around September and lend a fall vibe to bouquets and arrangements. I cannot seem to get enough foliage for bouquets in late summer.

Flower farmer holding a handful of orange dahlias, orange calendula, pink zinnias, white snapdragons, shiso, and mahogany splendor.

I start Mahogany Splendor from seed each spring. On my small farm, I try to plant out 2-3 seedlings. I cut from the center stalk first, which pinches the plant and helps it to send out shoots. By the fall, each plant gives me plenty of stems for weekly bouquets and arrangements.

Mahogany Splendor is an annual that prefers full sun with well-draining soil. After hardening off seedlings, I plant them when rain is forecast to make sure they get watered in well.

Below are some of the bouquets I have made with Mahogany Splendor as a foliage this year (2023).

You can see the Mahogany Splendor plant from 2022 next to me in the picture below. Would you consider growing it in your yard or garden next year?

A flower farmer on the farm beside a bush of mahogany splendor.

This post is part of a year-long series on flowers and plants that we love and grow on the farm. Check out other flowers that we love.


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