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Summer Foliage: Herbs

This year has been all about the flowers that we love to grow on the farm. However, when I sell bouquets, I like to add more than just flowers. By adding in foliage, I can incorporate other elements into the bouquets that include different textures, shapes, colors, and scents.

A handful of orange, yellow, and pink blooms with shiso and mahogany splendor as foliage

There are so many beautiful summer herbs that make excellent foliage in bouquets and arrangements. Many of these herbs grow as volunteers on the farm. Some, I plant out each spring. Others are perennial. I hope that you are inspired to bring herbs from your yard, garden, or planters and incorporate them not only into your food but into flower arrangements for your table. The above handful of flowers includes shiso, which is a beautiful herb to grow.

Do you grow any of these herbs in your yard or garden?



I grow two different kinds of sage and love using this evergreen perennial herb in bouquets. I appreciate the silvery undertones of sage and the beautiful texture on the leaves.



Another perennial, oregano is a great foliage to use as a filler. I use it for its green leaves and for its small purple flowers. I cut it back every year and pull up wandering roots.



Dill is an annual herb that sprouts up as a welcome volunteer every year on the farm. The bright yellow blooms in a star-like formation add airiness and whimsy to bouquets and bring in a pop of color.



Basil is an annual herb that I choose to start from seed. I grow four to five different varieties, depending on the year. The different color foliage along with the amazing scents make basil a great choice for bouquets. (We also love making pesto with the extra basil). Basil is easy to grow from seed and can be direct seeded in your garden.

Other herbs that I have grown or used that work well in bouquets are shiso, rosemary, and lavender. Only grow mint if you are growing it in a container as it will spread through your garden.

This post is part of a year-long series on flowers and plants that we love and grow on the farm. Check out other flowers that we love.


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