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Summer Flowers: Perennials

As we continue to add to the flower farm, perennials are a priority for us. I am excited to highlight some of the perennials that we rely on through the summer season.

Perennials get planted with mycorrhizal fungus and watered consistently until they are established. Typically, we plant perennials in the fall or spring. I fertilize perennials with a weekly foliar spray of fish fertilizer in the spring and mulch the bed well to prevent weeds. Even with mulch, the perennial beds can get wild. However, they consistently give us beautiful flowers and foliage each year with very little work.

White phlox paniculata

Phlox paniculata

Lime light hydrangea

Hydrangea--lime light, oak leaf, bobo panicle

Baby joe pye weed

Baby Joe Pye Weed

diabolo ninebark

Ninebark: Diabolo + Wine Gold



Pinky promise snowberry

Pinky promise snowberry

pearl glam beautyberry bush

Pearl glam beautyberry bush



Do you have any perennials on your property that make beautiful flowers or have interesting textures? Please share in the comments.

This post is part of a year-long series on flowers and plants that we love and grow on the farm. Check out other flowers that we love.


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