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Make a Christmas Wreath

It's no secret that I love to create wreaths out of dried flowers. However, long before I made dried flower wreaths I created wreaths to decorate our front door for Christmas. I would use the extra branches cut from the bottom of our Christmas tree, along with trimmings from our yard. It has become a tradition for me to make our wreaths each year. Every year, the wreaths are slightly different depending on what we have around and what I'm in the mood to create. Regardless, they are always beautiful and economical.

Join me in making your own wreath this year to decorate your home.

Supplies Needed:

Wreath form

Paddle wire

Evergreen branches


Pine cones


Dried flowers




Wreath Form

A wreath form can be made from dried vines like Virginia creeper vine, grapevine, or kiwi vine. Form these vines into a circle and hang them to dry. Wreath forms can also be made from thick wire or even hangers.

You can also purchase wreath forms from an art supply store or dollar store. The dollar store carries a wire wreath form. Art supply stores carry grapevine wreaths, straw wreaths, and gold hoops, each of which will give you a different but beautiful outcome.

The wreath form I am using is a grapevine wreath from a thrift store.


Gather different kinds of greenery. I am using a combination of branches from scrub pine, arborvitae, hemlock, and frasier fir trees.

You don't have to limit yourself to the regular greenery. Think about using any evergreen branches and leaves you can find: rhododendron, azalea, doghobble, camelia, magnolia.

Paddle Wire

You can find paddle wire in the floral section of your local art supply store. I use a 22 gauge wire, which is flexible but also strong.

Making the Wreath

Start by anchoring the wire to the wreath form by twisting the wire around part of the form.

Grab 2-3 different kinds of greenery and form a bunch. Wrap the wire around the bunch twice, tying it to the wreath form. (See above photo).

Continue to grab different combinations of your greenery, forming bunches. Attach each bunch to the wreath form by wrapping the wire around it twice, moving down the wreath form with each successive bunch.

Continue around the wreath form.

Once you come back around to the beginning, carefully continue to attach bunches, eventually tucking the last bunches under the first. Take your time wrapping the wire around the last bunch. Cut the wire and tie it off, forming a loop with which to hang the wreath. (Check out this tutorial for a picture).

Add any additional touches to the wreath. I chose to add in dried flowers this year. If you want to add in pine cones, cut a piece of wire and twist it around the pine cone, making sure to leave enough to tie it to the wreath with the wire. Do the same with ribbon.

Enjoy your wreath and hang it in a prominent location to enjoy this holiday season.


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