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Dried Flower Wreath: A Tutorial

One of the most beautiful ways to display your dried flowers is in a wreath. A wreath highlights a variety of flowers or a single flower in a variety of configurations.

All you need to make a wreath are three things:

Wreath form

Dried flowers/leaves/grains/grasses

Paddle wire

Optional additions include:




Wreath Form

A wreath form can be made from dried vines like Virginia creeper vine or grapevine. Form these vines into a circle and hang them to dry. Wreath forms can also be made from thick wire or even hangers.

You can also purchase wreath forms from an art supply store or dollar store. Art supply stores carry grapevine wreaths, straw wreaths, and gold hoops, each of which will give you a different but beautiful outcome.

The wire wreath form I use in this tutorial is from my local dollar store.

Dried Flowers

Gather bunches of dried flowers in the colors of your choice. Begin by making small bunches of the flowers in two groups. In this wreath, I used seven different flowers and leaves. In the first group (Group A), I formed bunches of eucalyptus, strawflower, mignonette/cress, and marigolds. In the second group, I made bunches of bachelor buttons, feverfew, and marigolds (Group B).

Paddle Wire

You can find paddle wire in the floral section of your local art supply store. I use a 22 gauge wire, which is flexible but also strong.

Making the Wreath

Once you have between 15-20 bunches of each group of flowers, wrap the paddle wire around the wreath form to attach it. You will not be cutting the wire until you finish the entire wreath.

Begin by laying one bunch of flowers from Group A on the wreath form and wrap the wire around the stems of the flowers.

Lay Group B flowers on top of the first. Place the bunch at an angle to cover the wire. Wrap the wire around the flowers to attach them to the form.

Continue laying flowers, alternating between Group A and Group B bunches. Place them so that they cover the wire wrapping the other flowers.

Keep going. Keep adding flowers. Keep wrapping.

As you get closer to the start, you will need to trim the stems so that they will fit on the wreath form. Below, you can see the stems that need to be trimmed.

Eventually, you will end up back at the beginning where you started. This is the trickiest part. Take it slowly and work the stems behind the first flowers you placed. Carefully wrap the wire around the stems to secure everything in place.

Once your wreath is complete, cut the wire, leaving a long tail. (See below). Create a loop with the wire and secure it by twisting it and wrapping it around the form. Turn the wreath around and fill in sparse areas with the flowers and leaves you have left, tucking stems into the wire wrapped around the wreath.

You don't have to create a full wreath. You can make half wreaths, 3/4 wreaths, or anything you decide. You can make small wreaths or large wreaths. Change the base, change the flowers. Add ribbon or feathers. The options are endless.

There are so many ways to make a beautiful wreath. The best way is to just go for it and make one! Make sure to tag me if you make a wreath. I'd love to see it.

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