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Handmade Creations

Before I turned all my attention to farming, there were moments in my day when I set aside time to create. Creating with my hands helped me feel like I had accomplished something small that day, even if it was only a line of stitches or a row of knitting. Eventually, those small moments would add up to a garment or a sweater.

I also enjoyed the challenge of learning something new with each creation that I made. Figuring out fit, colorwork, paper piecing, or cables kept me excited to continue a project.

I am looking forward to time this winter to continue with projects that have long been relegated to the back burner. Even though there is still farm work to do, there are moments to snag for stitching, knitting, or embroidery again.

I love to wear what I create. These garments are special because of the time and intention they took to make, usually spread out over days (even weeks). I am thankful to be able to have a record of many of these handmade creations and a reminder to continue to stretch myself to learn and be challenged.

Top | Scarf (my own pattern) | Jacket

I hope that you find moments in your day to put your hand to something that you enjoy. Even small moments can add up to amazing creations.

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