The Local Blossom Buffet

Beauty in your hands

Build your own beautiful bouquet with fresh, local, organically-managed flowers from two local flower farms.

Flower Arrangement 4
Flowers and Appetizers

How it works

We bring buckets of beautiful, fresh flowers and foliage to your event. Customers or friends curate their own bouquet based on three different recipes and price points. They walk away with a beautiful bouquet, experience and memory.


Choose from a variety of the following flowers and foliage: focal, spikes, disks, filler, and airy.

The Regular: $30 (2 focal, 3 spikes, 3 disks, 5 filler, 2 airy, 3 foliage). 

The Big & Beautiful: $40 (3 focal, 4 spikes, 3 disks, 6 filler, 3 airy, 5 foliage)

The Extravagant: $50 (5 focal, 5 spikes, 5 disk, 6 filler, 5 airy, 6 foliage)

Bouquet of Flowers
Basket of Flowers

Contact us

For more information about event pricing and customizations, please email.


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Meet the farmers

Laura Morris farms at Sourwood Creek Farm. She has been growing flowers since 2018, believing in their ability to instill joy, connect people, and create memories. She is a self-proclaimed soil nerd.

Flower Arrangement 5

Eva Kinear farms at Singing Flower Farm. She will fill in this information when she can and will have lots of interesting stuff in this space to describe her farm and herself.