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An arrangement of flowers with zinnias, artichoke flowers, rudbeckia, marigolds


Laura wears a flower crown of marigold, gomphrena, strawflower, feverfew, and celosia


to a small north Carolina flower farm

Laura Morris started Sourwood Creek Farm as a hobby vegetable and fruit garden in 2018. Since then, the garden has grown and the variety of seeds sown expanded. The 4-acre farm now includes 1/4 acre of flowers and vegetables; raspberry patch; orchard with peach, pear, and fig trees; and chickens.


This little farm is the result of tending and laboring with an aim to inspire and point others toward the generous creativity of our Creator. May our flowers fill you with joy as they have our family.


Frost has come, and the flowers in the field have died back. Now, we get to work preparing flower beds for the spring. To help tide you over to spring, we have Dried Flower Kits to make wreaths or bracelets. We have also started growing tulips hydroponically and are excited to begin harvesting them at the beginning of 2024. Stay posted for fresh flowers in 2024. 

A beautiful bouquet of dahlias, snapdragons, celosia, cosmos, and yarrow

"Laura's flowers are unique, beautiful, gorgeous, and healthy. They lasted a long time and were made up of beautiful colors."

— Susan

A dark picnic table with orange and pink zinnias, basil, pink and white sweet William

“My favorite way to bring beauty into my home is by putting a vase of flowers on my kitchen table. This summer, Sourwood Creek Farm provided me with the most gorgeous, colorful, and whimsical flowers to grace my table and bring me such joy. Thank you, Sourwood Creek Farm, for your summer subscription!”

— Tavia


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